Friday, July 24, 2015

Welcome to Diceamate, a blog about games, wordplay and the unholy abomination that is formed if ever the two shall meet. Which is now. Here.

"Diceamate?" you may be asking yourself, "What's that? Some sort of coffee additive? Some strange chemical compound outlawed by first world countries? Some sort of dating site?" I haven't bothered to actually check, so it could very well be all of those things. Mostly though, it's just a jokey mix of 'dice' and 'decimate'.
Expect to see more soon. Just to whet your appetite for things to come, here are some future blog entries:
-Magic: the Gathering as Broadway Musicals (Five HUndred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Copies of Pestermite)

-Boardgame Mashups (Love Letter + Lords of Waterdeep + King of Tokyo = Love King of Waterdeep)

-Intelligent discussion about how Founding Fathers, Tammany Hall, and Corporate America show the descent of American politics.

-Puns. An ungodly amount of puns.

So yeah, that about wraps it up for the moment. I hope to make this creative writing outlet as enjoyable for you to read as it is for me to write.

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